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User guides

User guides for Vivostat® products is included in the products when you order them. However, you can also find all documentation on this page: instructions for use (IFUs), quick reference cards (QRCs) and manuals.  

Instructions for use: the IFUs accompanying each product in the Vivostat® portfolio include all languages the IFU has been translated to. In the IFU you get all the information needed about the product e.g. intended use, contraindications, cautions etc.

Quick reference cards: the QRCs serve as simple stepwise guides including a set of condensed instructions on how to use the product in question. The QRCs accompanying each product in the Vivostat® portfolio are easy to follow and consist of illustrations and text explaining exactly what to do in each step of preparing or applying the product. The QRC following the product is in English, on this page you will find translations.

Manuals: the Vivostat manuals comes with the Vivostat machines for processing and applying the Vivostat products. In the manuals you will find all relevant information regarding the machine e.g. step-by-step info on operating the machine, cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting on user prompts etc.

Please click on the product you are interested in user guides for. 

ArthroZheal from Vivostat - autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix for orthopeadic surgery


Box with Obsidian ASG single-use set for anastomoses safeguarding

Obsidian® ASG

Box with Obsidian RFT single-use Set for Regenerative Fistula Treatment

Obsidian® RFT

Vivostat Fibrin - autologous fibrin sealant from Vivostat

Vivostat® Fibrin

Vivostat PRF- autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix from Vivostat

Vivostat® PRF

Processor Unit

Applicator Unit

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