Orthopaedic surgery


Orthopaedic surgery

Vivostat® offer the ArthroZheal® solution specifically designed to improve patient outcomes through fast recovery. ArthroZheal® is an autologous, biocompatible and bioactive matrix improving regeneration of ligaments, tendons, menisci and cartilage.

The Vivostat® System has been used in orthopaedic surgery for decades and with our newest product, ArthroZheal®, we have an even better targeted solution for arthroscopic surgery. The list of indications where ArthroZheal® successfully has been used includes:

  • Arthroscopy – sports medicine:
  • Knee – meniscal repairs, anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL)
    • Knee – chondral lesions
    • Hip – femoroacetabular impingement (FAI)
    • Shoulder – rotator cuff
    • Ankle – chondral lesions
  • Joint replacements
    • Knee
    • Hip
    • Revision procedures
  • Infiltrations in joints, tendons and ligaments
  • Orthopaedics wound management

Frequent challenges in orthopaedic and sports medicine are regeneration of tissue and bleeding. The Vivostat® System addresses these challenges not only by minimizing bleeding but also by stimulating the regeneration of damaged tissue (tendons, ligaments and muscles). 

Successfully handling challenges can have a positive effect on complications and reoperations, leading to faster rehabilitation, lower pain, shorter hospital stays and lower overall procedure costs.

main advantages using vivostat®


A major concern in orthopaedic and sports medicine is infections. Research within the area shows that platelets in itself have an antibacterial effect, however the Vivostat® System also makes it possible to co-apply antibiotics directly at the surgical site together with the matrix. Furthermore, the applied substance (not limited to antibiotics, but could also be other medications, BMAC, stem cells or chondrocytes) gets mixed with the matrix, which allow the substance to be released over time providing a sustained local release.


Vivostat® in orthopaedic surgery

Click on the video and see the Vivostat® System in use in orthopaedic surgery.

Vivostat® Co-Delivery

The revolutionary system makes it possible to co-apply e.g. stem cells or antibiotics with the Vivostat® product.


Successfully provides supportive effects for sealing, healing and regeneration of ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

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