General surgery


General surgery

General surgery covers a vast number of procedures. And to accommodate the different surgical approaches Vivostat® has developed several different products and applicators. Many of the procedures are performed with minimally invasive techniques, laparoscopic and robotics. Furthermore our applicators targeted the specific needs has proven very useful.

We have four products targeted to general surgery. Obsidian® ASG and Obsidian® RFT, have properties especially developed for:

  • Colorectal anastomosis
  • Esophageal reconstruction
  • Perianal fistulas
  • Pancreatic resection
  • Liver resection (hepatectomy) and transplantations

However, Obsidian® ASG can also be used with great success in:

  • Hernia mesh
  • Bariatric surgeries
  • Radical mastectomies

For these surgeries, Vivostat® have three different solutions, the Obsidian® ASG, Vivostat® PRF and Vivostat® Fibrin. The latter is a fibrin sealant that offers top of the range excellent properties. Read more about why many surgeons choose Vivostat® Fibrin as a preferred sealant. The other solutions are both categorised as autologous platelet rich fibrin matrixes and offer regenerative tissue repair on top of haemostasis support and tissue sealing. Read more about Vivostat® PRF and Obsidian® ASG.

For perianal fistulas Obsidian® RFT offers the optimal solution. The regenerative fistula treatment (RFT) is designed to close and heal fistulas effectively and the Set comes with all necessary devices, including a special fistula brush. Read more about Obsidian® RFT.

Vivostat® offer application devices for various types of surgery (open surgery, endoscopy, laparoscopy and robotics). Read more about Vivostat® application devices

main advantages using vivostat®

With the four solutions Vivostat® offers within general surgery, we embrace many of the general challenges that apply to most general procedures e.g. haemostasis, sealing, glueing and regeneration, and at the same time our wide selection of application devices and targeted product solutions give you the specialized tools to make the application of the solutions easy.


As an integrated part of the Vivostat® System you find the co-delivery of substances. The system makes it possible to simultaneously co-apply medications such as antibiotics. Vivostat® Co-Delivery give you the option to treat locally and studies has been shown to postpone the degradation process of the process of the substance. 


Vivostat® in general surgery

Click on the video and see the Vivostat® System in use in general surgery.

Application devices

The Vivostat® System offers a variety of different disposable application devic­es as well as a number of reusable handles.

Vivostat® Co-Delivery

The revolutionary system makes it possible to co-apply e.g. stem cells or antibiotics with the Vivostat® product.

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