About us

Vivostat® System – from idea to reality

About us

Vivostat® originated from an idea of a simple, reproducible and fully automated way to produce fibrin sealants directly from the patient’s own blood, right at the point of care. Over time, the concept has evolved to encompass not only fibrin sealants but also autologous platelet-enriched matrix, with the added flexibility to co-apply various substances such as BMAC, stem cells, chondrocytes, or medications.

This innovative system, designed with focus on simplicity and cutting-edge technology, has found its way to numerous surgical wards and wound care centers across Europe. However, reach extends even further, making an impact in healthcare facilities in Africa, Asia, and South America. What began as an idea has transformed into a tangible reality!

Today, the Vivostat® System stands as a testament to the power of innovation in healthcare. Its advanced blood processing technology not only enhances surgical procedures but also improves patient outcomes. By utilising the body’s natural resources, Vivostat® offers surgeons a patient safe approach to healing, tailored to each individual patient.

In the sections below you can take a tour of Vivostat® and learn more about the history. The link to videos will take you to Vimeo, where you can watch surgeries from many different surgical applications. Enjoy the tour, and make sure to reach out, if you have any questions. You will find our information in the contact section.

Vivostat® Co-Delivery

The revolutionary system makes it possible to co-apply e.g. stem cells or antibiotics with the Vivostat® product.

Vivostat® System

Using the Vivostat® System, you can prepare autologous platelets enriched fibrin with multiple growth factors embedded in a matrix.