working at vivostat®


Vivostat® is a relatively small organisation, with the majority of employees working out of the office in Denmark. The majority of the production and some specialist positions are outsourced or handled by consultants.

The work environment in our relatively small organic organisation, Vivostat’s work environment is characterised as value-based, informal and flexible. When you join us, you become part of a pioneering medical device company with unique products already on the market and a diverse, dedicated and highly motivated multi-specialised team.

We value personal qualities such as commitment, flexibility, adaptability and the ability to work both independently and in teams. We expect our employees to have a good understanding of the dynamics of working in cross-functional projects, including the ability to work with deadlines and under periodic high workloads.

  • We aim at being an attractive company to our present and future employees
  • We give our employees large individual liberty to form their own jobs
  • We are focusing on continuing education of our employees
  • We wish to delegate tasks and responsibility
  • We have a flat organisation with fast decision-making
  • We have clear goals for each position
  • We also have several social events each year

We strive to have an uncomplicated, open minded and unpolitical culture. We flourish with a constantly changing environment and we have fun working together. 

Open positions and unsolicited applications

We do not have a lot of open positions listed, when we do, you can find them on jobindex – however, this is not the same as saying that we are not looking for highly qualified team players and motivated employees to contribute to our continued success. For the right people we might have the right position.

If you are innovative, a problem solver and committed to making a difference, we would like to hear from you.

We will keep your electronic application on file for six months. If a position opens up within that period and your skills match the position, we will contact you. Read more about how we handle applications in our privacy policy.

Please direct all unsolicited applications to [email protected].

Vivostat® Co-Delivery

The revolutionary system makes it possible to co-apply e.g. stem cells or antibiotics with the Vivostat® product.

Vivostat® System

Using the Vivostat® System, you can prepare autologous platelets enriched fibrin with multiple growth factors embedded in a matrix.