vivostat® idea to system


market introduction
ArthroZheal from Vivostat - autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix for orthopeadic surgery

ArthroZheal® was introduced to arthroscopic surgeons. Its bioactive and biocompatible properties successfully provides supportive effects for sealing, healing and regeneration of ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

two market introductions
Obsidian® ASG and Obsidian® RFT
In 2021, we brought two autologous, platelet enriched bioactive matrixes to the market. Obsidian® ASG for anastomotic reinforcement and protection following resection surgery in the gastrointestinal tract and Obsidian® RFT for regenerative treatment of fistulas providing a sphincter-sparing minimally invasive procedure.
software and system update
Updated system

In 2016, we introduced a specific applicator unit for the Vivostat® Co-Delivery system – the APL 404. At the same time, we updated our software with emphasis on user friendliness.  

system expansion
Vivostat® Co-Delivery

Our co-delivery platform allowing surgeons to simultaneously co-apply BMAC, stem cells, chondrocytes or medications (i.e. antibiotics) alongside our sealant and matrix was introduced.

system launch
Processor unit and applicator unit
Vivostat Applicator Unit APL 400 close-up

Our current processor unit PRO 800 and applicator unit APL 400 was launched with great success.

new accessory
Vivostat® Split Kit

The Vivostat® Split Kit was a minor market introduction, but not without significance. To this day, it is used to split the finished Vivostat® product into two or more smaller portions that can be frozen for future use for the same patient. Making sure that no product is wasted.

significant market introduction
Vivostat® PRF
Vivostat PRF- autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix from Vivostat

Bringing Vivostat® PRF to the market was a major milestone for the company. Introducing the worlds first autologous platelet enriched fibrin matrix was quite an accomplishment the platform for future developments.

Vivostat® Fibrin
Vivostat Fibrin - autologous fibrin sealant from Vivostat

With the launch of Vivostat® Fibrin the company went from development into commercialization of the worlds first autologous fibrin sealant prepared on-site by health care professionals. 

the beginning
Development project

The Vivostat®  idea came to live by a group of Danish researchers looking for a simple and fully automated way of preparing fibrin sealant, onsite and from the patient’s own blood.

A multitude of specialists from three continents continued to mature the idea by developing and testing of the unique Vivostat® System.

Vivostat® Co-Delivery

The revolutionary system makes it possible to co-apply e.g. stem cells or antibiotics with the Vivostat® product.

Vivostat® System

Using the Vivostat® System, you can prepare autologous platelets enriched fibrin with multiple growth factors embedded in a matrix.