Vivostat® Fibrin LIVE Workshop

Start date: 23. February 2023
End date: 24. February 2023
Time: 18:00-19:00+8:00-13:00
Location: UMBAL St. Ivan Rilski in Sofia, Bulgaria
LIVE Workshops

UMBAL St. Ivan Rilski in Sofia, Bulgaria
In an important effort to improve the treatment and quality of life for the many patients in need of Neurosurgery Prof. Vasil Karakostov and Associate Professor Asen Hadjiyanev share their experience about the use of Vivostat® in selected surgical
procedures with surgeons from around the world through the Global Vivostat® Centre of Excellence within Neurosurgery.

What will you obtain from attending:

  • Hands-on training
  • Comprehensive theoretical knowledge of the benefits of applying Vivostat® Fibrin in neurosurgery
  • Practical understanding and demonstration of how Vivostat® Fibrin can be applied during different neuro surgical procedures and techniques
  • Networking and sparring regarding the use of Vivostat® Fibrin in neurosurgery

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