An efficient sealant needs to polymerise quickly to build up its internal strength to provide a rapidly effective barrier.

Unlike other sealants, the polymerisation of Vivostat® Fibrin is activated by a simple pH change, and does not require an enzymic reaction.

Polymerisation rates are therefore much faster than conventional fibrinogen/thrombin systems. Activation of the coagulation cascade initiates crosslinking of the fibrin polymer and Vivostat® Fibrin obtains 80% of its full strength within only 1 minute.

The graph shows the polymerisation rate for Vivostat® Fibrin compared with two conventional sealants.

Comparative kinetics of polymerisation of three fibrin sealants and influence on timing of tissue adhesion · Kjaergard H K et al. · Thrombosis Research 2000; 98: 221-228