Below we have gathered the most frequently asked questions about Vivostat® Co-Delivery.

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FAQ - Vivostat Co-Delivery

What is the maximum amount of substance that can be co-delivered?

It is possible to apply a maximum of 5,3 mL of substance depending on the concentration of fibrin and volume of the Fibrin Sealant or the PRF® solution harvested. Learn more about how to calculate and how to apply in the Co-Delivery guide.

Can I apply a powder substance?

In order to apply a powder substance you need to dissolve the powder in a liquid medium and adjust the pH level.

How come there is no pen button on the Spraypen?

The Co-Delivery Spraypen® requires 4 channels in the tube (Air, pH10, Fibrin/PRF® and Substance). Since One of these channel in a normal Spraypen® is used by the pen button to activate application it is not possible to have a pen button. That is why it is necessary to use the Vivostat foot switch.

Can I make co-delivery applications endoscopically?

Yes, it is also possible to Co-Deliver Vivostat® Fibrin Sealant or Vivostat PRF® with the Endoscopic Kit - Co-Delivery .

What is the required pH level of the Co-Delivery substance?

The Co-Delivery substance must be acidic or neutral (pH7)

Why is there no polymerization when applying Vivostat?

The substance volume may be too high or the pH level may be above 7.