A powerful and efficient tissue regeneration

Obsidian ASG Box.jpg

Obsidian ASG® is a best-in-class autologous bioactive fibrin matrix with sustained release of active cells and growth factors with improved tissue regeneration capabilities. It reduces the anastomotic leakage rate by at least 50% compared to current methods. (1)

With a sample of the patient’s own blood, the Vivostat® system separates, coagulates, and compacts the blood components into Obsidian ASG® that can be applied directly at the point of care during anastomosis surgery to protect against anastomotic leakages. In contrast to competing solutions, Obsidian ASG® provides 100% biocompatibility and eliminates the risk of blood transmitted diseases, as no donor is needed.  

Using a Vivostat® application device such as the Spraypen and Endoscopic, Obsidian ASG® can be effectively applied in both open and laparoscopic surgery with the option of co-delivering a drug component such as an antimicrobial agent. It is the only advanced biological sealant with intra-anastomotic application and that is compatible with robotic-assisted surgery such as the Da Vinci Surgical System. Thus, it will bring significant advantages over the current fibrin-based sealants that are not suitable for robotic use.

The safety and efficacy of Obsidian has been extensively tested in preclinical and clinical studies. Lastly, a recent prospective clinical trial demonstrated a high efficacy with only an anastomotic leakage rate of 2%  in 101 colorectal surgery patients treated with Obsidian ASG® (2)


(1) (2) Impact of Obsidian ASG® Autologous Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix on Anastomotic Healing in Colorectal Surgery, Kepler University Hospital, 2020