For decades fibrin sealant has been used for burns as a scaffold for re-epithelialization. Vivostat® PRF provides this scaffold and combines it with a high concentration of platelets relevant for tissue regeneration. 

The high concentration of fibrin found in Vivostat® PRF, furthermore, acts as a glue enabling the surgeon to use Vivostat® PRF for graft fixations. The fibrin also acts as a haemostatic reducing the risk of haematoma formation, which may cause graft loss. Any remaining Vivostat® PRF can be applied to the graft harvest site to speed up tissue regeneration.

Vivostat® Applicator Kits

Skin cells/stem cells are expensive and it is crucial that they do not run off the burn or stick to the dressing. By using the Vivostat® system it is possible to glue the skin cells/stem cells to the burn with the Vivostat® PRF solution.

PRF solution ensures that the cells stay where they are applied as the fibrin found in Vivostat® PRF polymerizes upon application.