Tyge Korsgaard is CEO at Tyge Korsgaard Consult ApS, where he works with interim management, board memberships and various consulting assignments related to Equity capital.

Tyge is also a board member in the following companies: Familien Skak Holding ApS (13 Companies), Den Sociale Kapitalfond (Fonden DSK Invest I GP) and Vivostat A/S (Chairman).

Tyge is also a consultant for Vivostat. He is responsible for certain back office functions in Vivostat such as budget and financial reporting.

Tyge has for many years been responsible for an investment fund (Dansk Erhvervsinvestering). He has general management experience at executive levels and have held board positions in many companies, including chairmanships. Examples of board memberships include Genmab A/S and Zealand Pharma A/S (until they were quoted on the stock exchange), Kelsen Group A/S, 2D Holding (3D Danish Diagnostic Development A/S), Ellipse A/S, Neurodan A/S and A/S Boligbeton until they were sold successfully.