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The Vivostat® System

The Vivostat® System is the first and only system for on-site preparation and application of autologous concentrated fibrin sealant and autologous platelet rich fibrin matrix.
Vivostat® products provide hemostasis, tissue sealing and tissue repair for a range of surgical areas enabling faster and better clinical outcomes.

The Vivostat® System consist of three components for the on-site preparation and application of the products:

  • Processor Unit is used to process the patient’s blood and prepare the sealant/matrix
  • Applicator Unit is used to apply the sealant/matrix solution and can also be used to simultaneously co-apply BMAC, stem cells, chondrocytes or medications (i.e. antibiotics)
  • Disposable Sets is the single-use solutions needed for the preparation and application. They are each optimised for different surgical procedures.

Read more about the solutions in The Vivostat® System section.

The Vivostat® System is unique since it is the only system for on-site preparation and application of fully autologous fibrin and platelet enriched solutions; benefits include:

  • Support haemostasis, tissue sealing and regeneration! Transforming the overall experience of regenerative medicine, while reducing healing time, hospital days and reoperations.
  • Patient-derived! The unique Vivostat® Processor Unit facilitates a fully automated biotechnological processing of the patient´s blood resulting in the ready-to-use autologous solution.
  • Easily applied! The Vivostat® Applicator Unit makes the application experience unique, with a number of clinical advantages and a range of different spray modes and application devices offering a solution for every type of surgery (open surgery, endoscopy, laparoscopy, robotics).

Read more about the application process in The Vivostat® System section.

If you want to know more about the Vivostat® System, its benefits and see it in action, then please contact one of our many distributors.

The Vivostat® products

Platelet rich fibrin solutions

The Vivostat® System has been developed with emphasis on user-friendliness and the process is convenient and fully automated. The products are designed to provide superior solutions in multiple settings.

Obsidian® ASG

Obsidian® ASG is an autologous, platelet rich bioactive matrix for anastomotic reinforcement and protection following resection surgery in the gastrointestinal tract.

Obsidian® RFT

Obsidian® RFT is an autologous, platelet rich bioactive matrix for regenerative treatment of fistulas providing a sphincter-sparing minimally invasive procedure. 


ArthroZheal® is a platelet rich fibrin matrix for arthroscopic surgery where bioactive and biocompatible properties successfully provides supportive effects for sealing, healing and regeneration of ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

Vivostat® PRF

Platelets and growth factors have been used for many years to help regenerate tissue. Vivostat® PRF has successfully been used in various surgical procedures including, but not limited to, burn, cardiac and neurosurgery.

Vivostat® Fibrin

For many years specialists have prepared autologous fibrin sealant based on thrombin and fibrinogen. The process is complicated, labour intensive and time consuming. With the Vivostat® System this process becomes fast and uncomplicated.
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Obsidian® RFT LIVE Workshop

Start date: 9. September 2024
End date: 10. September 2024
Location: Ghent University Hospital, Ghent, Belgium
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ArthroZheal® LIVE Workshop

Start date: 1. October 2024
End date: 31. October 2024
Location: MITERA General Hospital, Athens, Greece
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Obsidian® ASG LIVE Workshop

Start date: 6. October 2024
End date: 7. October 2024
Location: Linz, Austria
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EACTS Congress

Start date: 9. October 2024
End date: 12. October 2024
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Surgical applications

Cardiac surgery

Vivostat® offers excellent solutions for the challenges still existing in cardiac surgery.

General surgery

The ability to use the Vivostat® Endoscopic Applicator in general surgery has proven very useful.

Maxillofacial/ENT surgery

Vivostat® PRF has been used with great success in maxillofacial surgeries, also to fill dead spaces.


Our solutions are applied with extreme accuracy and low impact on tissue and vital organs/nerves.

Orthopeadic surgery

ArthroZheal® is designed for arthroscopic surgery supporting regeneration and healing.

Thoracic surgery

Our unique solutions have shown to reduce incidence of prolonged air leaks making it perfect for thoracic surgery.


Our solutions are used in urology to support challenges like suture lines, bleeding and treatment of leak sources.

Vascular surgery

Vivostat® is used for vascular surgery to handle challenges such as bleeding and infection to prevent re-operations.

Wound treatment

The unique combination of platelets and fibrin in our products makes it perfect in treating challenging wounds.